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Surat Untuk Sekolah Pada Hari Akhir UPSR

1. My family and I, parents to Nursufiyya Aisyah Roslan would like to extend our highest gratitude towards the Principal, Senior Assistant of Admin and Student Affairs, also fellow teachers of SJK Cina Chung Cheng, especially Madam Lee Lao Tze, the classroom teacher for 6 Merah.

2. For the past 8 years, the school has shaped Nursufiyya’s character as a teen who work hard to achieve her dreams and ambition by instilling patience, focus and drive in climbing her tallest hurdle yet; which is to learn and master, Mandarin (her third language).

3. It gives me confidence that Malaysia’s future is in good hands seeing the dedication of SJK Cina Chung Cheng teachers, specifically Madam Lee in teaching our future generation in spite of race and religion.

4. I am certain that you remembered our heated argument when the school decided to send my daughter to the last class that is class "Putihsta", at the end of 2015.

5. I still hold on to the same belief and perspective that is, if she did end up in 6 "Putihsta", she will be influenced and sucked into different circle of friends as she will encounter different set of behaviorism and intelligence. In terms of protecting my rights and choice, again, I stand firmly behind my former point of view. I will not compromise on my daughter’s future.

6. Being said that, I want to sincerely and wholeheartedly thank the school for all of its kindness and greatness. Fact is, learning in a Chinese school comes with its own challenges, particularly in terms of familiarizing and memorizing oneself with the wide array of characters.

7. These exercises and challenges do not give my daughter a fair playing field. For example, Nursufiyya Aisyah manages to score 90 above each time I gave her Science and Mathematics tests at home.

8. However, when she has to answer Science and Mathematics questions at school that are in Chinese, her marks drop significantly. This is an enormous and difficult obstacle to face in such a short period of time. The way I see it, studying in a Chinese school is like a Marathon Race that requires high stamina, endurance and deep Psychological Adversity Quotient techniques. The race can only be won if she bravely and diligently stayed in her track by continuing her secondary study in a Chinese school as well.

9. Due to all of these reasons, I extend endless gratification to the school that continues to teach, educate and influenced its students to work hard and hustle at least "3 times" harder than Sekolah Kebangsaan.

10. Congratulations. Congratulations. Not to mention, ever since Nursufiyya Aisyah is in 6 Merah, she have found a few supportive friends. One of them is Zhin Yie who has been a great study partner. These two students of Madam Lee have been competing healthily in their own tracks.

11. In the first Mac examination, ZY was number one, Su Fei Ya number two. In the second examination that was in May, Fei Ya was in the first place while ZY second. In the third examination, that was in July, ZY number one and Fei Ya second. In the recent August examination, Fei Ya manages to get number one as if they were the Dato’ Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan of class rankings.

12. . This is what it truly means by - A student success depends on the hard work of the school and its teachers, together with students’ own commitment and aided by support from parents and peers as well as a conducive learning environment.

13. Nursufiyya Aisyah will not be able to get 8A as she has not mastered the Chinese language. She also refuses to continue her personal tuition that I have arranged due to her undying loyalty to her favorite teacher, Madam Lee. On the other hand, I still believe that Fei Ya will be able to to get A in other UPSR subjects.

14. I hope that she will bring honor to this great school. Lastly, THANK YOU for the past 8 years of joy that you have given my daughter and for the experience our family has gained.

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